Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy

Exercising during your pregnancy isn’t only good for you, but for your baby too – both in utero and after they’re born.

We all know that staying active and healthy during pregnancy is important. Recent research and the latest medical guidelines have shown Moms-to-be that engaging in the correct exercise has an incredibly positive impact on their health during and after pregnancy. But what about the baby? Here’s all you need to know about the effects of exercise on your baby.

Correct pregnancy exercise

Despite all evidence to the contrary, many Moms are still told that being active during their pregnancies can harm their babies. But the correct pregnancy exercise has only benefits to offer your baby. That said, it’s important to be careful not to engage in the incorrect exercise, which is why it’s always a good idea to get the correct advice before you start, and to exercise with experts that understand your needs and know what is advisable and correct.

When you do that, there is only good news in terms of the proven effects on your baby’s health. Worldwide studies by experts in the field have noted these benefits in babies whose Moms train during pregnancy.

In utero benefits

These are some of the advantages to babies of exercising Moms that have been found in utero*:

• Babies of exercising Moms are less vulnerable to the physiological stresses of later pregnancy and labour. While we usually think of our painful contractions during labour, the process of being born is quite a stressful event too…

• They have an improved ability to deal with intermittent reductions in uterine blood flow and oxygen delivery. This provides additional protection when unanticipated maternal stresses occur, for example: serious traumatic injury, other medical emergencies and complications during labour.

• There is a lower incidence of umbilical cord entanglement.

• There is also a lower incidence of stress-induced meconium secretion during labour.

• Babies born to exercising Moms are lighter and leaner than those born to Moms who don’t exercise.

Post-birth benefits

And from these same studies, here are some positive effects that last even after your baby has been born…

• They respond readily to their environment.

• They can self-quiet when they are disturbed and need much less consolation from others.

• All aspects of growth and development after birth in babies from exercising mothers are equal to or better than those observed in the babies of non-exercising mothers.

• Incredibly, at one year of age, they show significantly better performance on standardised intelligence tests (Bayley Test of Infant Development), both in mental and physical performance.

• At five years of age, these babies tend to have less body fat than others in the control group. Very topical, what with childhood obesity becoming such an issue.